Home Made Ice Cream

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By Renae McVay
from New Albany, MS

This ice cream recipe is easy and deliciously rich and so versatile that it pleases anyone and everyone in my family! I personally don't like frozen fruit bits in my ice cream so I tried using fruit preserves and it works beautifully. I've been doing this for years. The fruit flavor disperses nicely throughout the ice cream and the fruit stays chewey and not frozen rock hard.

serves 8-10
prep time 20 Min
cook time 1 Hr
method Ice-Cream Maker


  • 1 can
    sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 can
    evaporated milk
  • 1 c
    granulated sugar
  • 1 jar
    any flavor fruit preserves normal size
  • 2 qt
    milk, 2% or your choice

How To Make

  • 1
    Empty the preserves into a microwaveable glass bowl. Add the granulated sugar. Warm these combined ingredients in the microwave 2 minutes or more. Long enough to get the preserves hot and melt the sugar granules. Then pour this mixture into the bottom of your 1 gallon or more ice cream freezer.
  • 2
    Next pour into the freezer container, the sweetened condensed milk and stir into the fruited mixture with a large whisk. Next stir in the evaporated milk until mixed well. Then stir in the regular milk stirring well until the ice cream mixture reaches the fill line of your ice cream container. Add the paddle and process the ice cream according to your machine's directions.
  • 3
    Options: For a 6 quart freezer container, add another cup of sugar and use a large jar of fruit preserves. Everything else is the same. Some times I like to add banana to my strawberry preserve ice cream to make the combined flavor...strawberry/banana. If you do add bananas I find it better to mash the banana with a fork on a plate til coarsely processed and add it right after the sweetened condensed milk to avoid warming the banana with the hot preserve and sugar mixture. Also, use 3 large bananas for the gallon size freezer 3-6 bananas for the 6 quart freezer.
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    Call your family and friends and enjoy! And remember to eat slowly and avoid brain freezes!!! Happy Summer!!!
  • 5
    Just a note about the consistency of the ice cream in my recipe photo. Usually, my ice cream is much thicker but I was forced to buy a new ice cream freezer and I do not like it at all! It's one of those new oval shaped ones made to look like an ice cream cone with the motor attached. I do not recommend them at all! First of all, you have to time the ice cream run time...it does not stop or slow down automatically. It just runs until you stop it. Therefore, I don't think the paddle turns the ice cream enough to get it all frozen. Second, I'm not a fan of the oval design. It was advertised to be easier to fill with ice and salt but they didn't leave any room hardly on the sides and I don't think the ice can get to the can well enough to freeze it well. Third every piece of the equipment except the paddle and the motor is flimsy and light weight, and appears just cheaply made. My advice....hold on to your old freezers!!!! They just don't make them like they used to! I was able to put the bucket in my freezer and let it thicken up some more. Happy eating!