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I created this Zesty Orange tasting Peach Cobbler to celebrate my birthday. Peach Cobbler is one of my favorite desserts. I had seen a recipe using an orange with peaches before , so I wanted to create my own version doing something totally different from my other cobbler Recipes that I have posted.

Fresh peaches is the key, as well as the Vietnamese Cinnamon I had ordered, & to give it a more Citrus flavor I added lemon juice & Minute Maid Fruit Punch, because I was out of lemonade. Pulverizing the orange to a fine pulp adds lots of orange flavor. Give it a try, it is so unique & tasty.

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8 or more depending on portion size
45 Min
1 Hr 5 Min


10-12 medium
fresh peaches, peeled & sliced
2 pkg
refrigerated rolled pie crust only need 3 or make your own
3/4 c
granulated sugar or zero calorie sweetner
1 c
brown sugar, firmly packed
1 tsp
2 tsp
vietnamese cinnamon, or cinnamon of choice
1/3 c
corn starch
1/2 tsp
kosher salt
3 Tbsp
lemon juice
1 1/2 c
minute maid fruit punch or lemonade
1 large
navel orange, pulverized in food processor
1 Tbsp
vanilla bean paste or extract
1/2 stick
butter, softened
1 large
egg plus 1 tbs. water



  • 1PREHEAT OVEN TO 375 DEGREES F. Peel and slice peaches into a large bowl. Add lemon juice and stir, this prevents them from turning dark.
  • 2Cut the orange into 8's then pulverize in a food processor.
  • 3Now add the pulverized orange in with the peaches, and stir using a large spoon. Also add in the lemonade or fruit punch. NOTE: the fruit punch is a very pale pink color, and does not alter the color of the peaches. I WANTED THE COBBLER TO HAVE MORE LIQUID THAN A PEACH PIE, that is why I added it.
  • 4These are the main spices that I used, the Vietnamese Cinnamon has a very distinct and unique aroma and flavor, to elevate the flavor of the peaches, if you do not have it, you can use regular cinnamon.
  • 5Combine both sugars, & salt with the spices and corn starch then stir to blend together. NOTE YOU CAN USE ALL WHITE SUGAR IF DESIRED OR ALL BROWN, WHICH EVER YOU PREFER. BROWN SUGAR GIVES THE COBBLER A MORE CARAMEL COLOR.
  • 6Now pour the dry mixture over the peaches and stir to blend well together, this should yield you about 8 cups of fruit mixture.
  • 7Add peaches to a medium size saucepan over medium heat, and bring to a simmer and stir until mixture just begins to thicken. Remove from heat, and add butter, then stir until butter melts. Now add in vanilla Bean paste or extract and stir till blended together.
  • 8Spray a 9X12 size casserole dish with non stick cooking spray. Set aside till needed.
  • 9If you like a crusty cobbler as I do, you can add a bottom crust to the bottom of the dish, then pour in half of the peaches, and cut wide strips of pastry dough and place over peach filling to cover, then place in preheated 375 degree F. oven and bake for 20 minutes.
  • 10After 20 minutes remove from oven, add the remaining peaches, then top with remaining crust in pattern of your choice. I tend to make the top crust into thinner strips than I did the one on the bottom and in the middle of the cobbler.
  • 11Make an egg wash using one large egg plus 1 tablespoon of water, beat till blended, then brush over top of cobbler. Sprinkle with decorators sugar if desired. Return cobbler to oven and continue baking for 45 additional minutes or until top crust is golden brown. Remove and serve as desired with or without your favorite ice cream.

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Course/Dish: Fruit Desserts
Main Ingredient: Fruit
Regional Style: Southern