Walnut Pineapple Goodie

Jamie Jackson


I put the prep time as high because I had problems with getting dough loose. Someone else might too.

The only problem I have with other people's recipes is that I NEVER have all the ingrediants, and I NEVER have the money to go buy it. So I fake it 'til I make it!

This recipe didn't call for pineapple preserves or the marshmallows. And I didn't have the butter the called for.

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45 Min
30 Min


1 pkg
crescent rolls
6 Tbsp
pineapple preserves
4 or more tsp
brown sugar
4 Tbsp
diced walnuts
Couple of scoop(s)
marshmallow cream


1Open the cresants spread into triangles
2Put pineapple perserves, walnuts, and brown sugar to tase in the center of each eight cresants.
3Seal them as best you can. They don't have to be pretty.
4Last step is, again, because I don't ever have what someone else's recipe calls for. I used marshmallow fluff on top when it was still warm and the fluff melted, when it cools, it's good. LOLOL

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