Chinese Five Spice Caramel Apple Custard

Tammy Brownlow


Chinese Five Spice is something I've used to enhance oriental food for years. It is a complex blend of ground star anise, cinnamon, pepper, fennel, and cloves. You can find it on the spice isle. There are also recipes online of how to make your own.

This dessert is an easy combo of flan and custard. I added the Chinese Five Spice to brown sugar. When it cooks it creates a caramel glaze with all of the spices shining through. The vanilla custard is cool and creamy. I chose Cameo apples for their firm texture and sweet/tart balance.

A simple dessert with a complex flavor twist.

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10 Min
45 Min


6 Tbsp
packed light brown sugar
1/2 tsp
chinese five spice powder
large cameo apple, peeled
3 medium
1/3 c
1 tsp
1 1/2 c
heavy cream


1Preheat oven to 325 degrees. In a small bowl measure brown sugar and Chinese Five Spice.
2Mix until well combined.
3In four 7 ounce ramekins, divide brown sugar mixture evenly.
4Using a mandolin slicer or knife, slice apple thinly on two opposing sides. (The rest of the apple can be refrigerated for other use)
5Divide apple slices and place on top of brown sugar mixture.
6In a microwave container heat 2 cups of water until steaming hot about 5 minutes.
7While water is heating, prepare your custard mixture. In your mixer beat eggs with sugar until creamy on high speed.
8Add cream and vanilla and mix on low until well combined.
9Ladle into ramekins evenly. Place ramekins into an 8" x8" baking dish with at least 2" high sides. Pour hot water into dish around ramekins carefully.
10Place in oven and bake for 40 - 45 minutes.
11Remove and refrigerate until completely cooled
12To serve, run a knife around the edge of ramekin. Place serving dish on top and invert. Allow glaze to fall over custard, spooning any remaining over the top. Enjoy!

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