Lemon poppy seed muffin/waffles with lemon glaze

Irisa Raina 9


In the pictures it only shows 2 lemons cut in 1/2, I thought that would have been enough but I ended up using a total of 4 lemons.

Also when you remove these from the waffle maker, they will be very soft. But as they sit they do firm up somewhat!

My husband is really not a fan of lemony desserts “ who is this man????? LOL” but he ate almost 2 full waffles.

I forgot to mention, the glaze will be enough for 4 waffles. With the rest of the batter, I made them and froze them.

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At least 10
5 Min
5 Min


1 – 17 ounce box lemon poppy seed muffin mix { mixed according to package directions }
juice from 4 meyer lemons { if you can’t find meyers use regular lemons, but please do not use the bottle juice }
1 cup sifted powder sugar


1Get the muffin mix ready and let it sit covered on the counter for about 15 minutes.
2Pre heat your waffle iron.
3Sift the power sugar and squeeze the fresh lemon juice into it and mix.
4Spoon the muffin mix onto the waffle iron and cook according to your manufactures’ suggestions.
6Put a waffle on the plate and drizzle with the glaze while the waffles are still hot and then enjoy!

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