Chocolate Recipes

Scooby Doo Snack Mix Recipe

Scooby Doo Snack Mix

By Katie MacDonald
My kids love Scooby Doo and this snack mix was fun to make-they added ingredients and...

Marjie's German Chocolate Upside-down Cake Recipe


By Marlene Fields
Delicious and a huge success at a gathering of friends. Delicioso!! If you're dieting, don't try this...

Chai And Chocolate Chai Concentrate Recipe

Chai and Chocolate Chai Concentrate

By Ali P
Enjoy a delicious chai or chocolate chai tea at home with this delicious chai concentrate. Note:...

French Pastry Cake Recipe

French Pastry Cake

By Becky Sannes
What could be better than an eclair-like crust, rich, creamy vanilla pudding, whipped topping, and chocolate...

Vanilla Rocky Road Cake Recipe

Vanilla Rocky Road Cake

By Shirley York
Craving something sweet and crunchy, I started searching the pantry. This is what happened when I...

Chocolate Butterfinger Cupcakes Recipe

Chocolate Butterfinger cupcakes

By Shaunette Baker
I woke and and thought what better then a butterfinger cupcake so I through this together...

Valda's Raw Fudge Recipe

Valda's Raw Fudge

By Kim Biegacki
This is one fantastic "Healthy" fudge and tastes delicious too. My chiropractor used to have informative...