Nana's Coconut Cream Easter Eggs

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By Deneece Gursky
from Miami, FL

Nana Devine made these every year for Easter and they were my all time favorite. It wasn't until I was well into my 20's that she gave me the recipe, and boy was I surprised to see what they were made from. No one would ever know! So creamy and delicious, they have become a favorite in my family now too. Unlike Nana though I don't wait for Easter to make them. They are just too yummy to only enjoy once a year!! ADD THESE, MY MARSHMALLOW PEANUT BUTTER EGGS, MY CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE AND MY ROCKY ROAD CANDIES TO YOUR eASTER bASKETS THIS YEAR!!


  • 3/4 c
    cold mashed potatoes,mash only with a bit of milk to make creamier,
  • 4 c
    confectioners sugar
  • 4 c
    shredded coconut, i prefer the sweetened angel flake
  • 1 1/2 tsp
  • 1/8 tsp
  • 4 oz
    unsweetened or sweetened chocolate, i prefer using milk chocolate

How To Make

  • 1
    Combine mashed potatoes and sugar, add coconut,vanilla and salt and blend well.
  • 2
    Refrigerate until mixture is workable in hands.
  • 3
    Form tablespoons of mixture into egg shapes and place on wax paper lined tray. Refrigerate again until eggs are firm.
  • 4
    Melt chocolate and dip eggs in chocolate to cover. I use a metal dipper from the egg dying kits. (Yep I saved them) Allow chocolate to drip off and then set eggs back on tray to dry completely.
  • 5
    Once chocolate has hardened decorate with white chocolate drizzle if desired.