Gingerbread Butter Ganache

Jordan Michelle Falco


Chocolates - Week 6, June 15h

These recipes are copied straight from my notes in my individual production pastry class. I’m putting them here on just a pinch for my own posterity.

This ganache firms up, a bit like fudge. It is meant to be dipped in coating chocolate. The directions may seem confusing, but it's really as simple as letting the ganache firm up, coating one side in dipping chocolate, cutting, then dipping again.

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5 oz
butter, soft
1 Tbsp
gingerbread spice
4 oz
14 oz
milk chocolate, melted, tempered
2 oz
anise liqueur
as needed
dipping chocolate
as needed
turbinado sugar, for finising


1 oz
2 oz
ground ginger
1/2 oz
1/4 oz
gound cloves

How to Make Gingerbread Butter Ganache


  • 1By hand, with rubber gloves, mix togeather the butter, spice and molasses until well combined.
  • 2Stream the milk chocolate into the butter mixture while stirring, taking care not to allow chunks of chocolate to from in the butter mixture.
  • 3Stream in the liqueur, stirring until the mixture is homogenous.
  • 4Spread into a 12"x12"x1/4" frame or mould on parchment paper. Allow to crystalize until fim enough to handel, about 20 minutes.
  • 5Remove the frame from the butter hanache slab.
  • 6Spread the dark chocolate on one side of the slab to pre-coat.
  • 7Allow the precoat to crystalize, and ten cut the slab into squares.
  • 8Dip the squares in the dark chocolate. As the chocolate begins to set, place several crystals of turbinado sugar on top of each piece.

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