Faux Crispy Rice Sushi

Jan Mullikin


We make this in our kids' ESL class. Kids can
personalize it with their favorite decorations.
You can use the gummy worms on top or use
Swedish Fish for the top decoration. This plate was made by elementary age kids.

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40 Min


batch of crispy rice cereal with marshmallows made up.
1 box
fruit roll ups or fruit by the foot, any color or mixture
bag swedish fish
bag gummy worms


1Make up the crispy rice mix (4 cups mini-marshmallows, 6 cups rice cereal,
1/4 cup margarine or butter) Roll the mixture out onto a one inch high cookie sheet. Roll nice and flat.
2While crispy rice mix is still a little warm, lay gummy worms 1 inch from the lower edge in a horizontal row. Gently roll over one edge of the marshmallow sheet over the gummy worms. Stop and cut the roll away into a log shape.
3Continue rolling and making logs until all the rice mix is used up.
4Now cut each log into 1 inch slices being careful to hold them together. In the picture above, a small child did that cutting and sometimes they uncurled a little.
When they're cut you'll need to help them cut through the gummy worm--I used an actual knife.
5Wrap each roll in a piece of the fruit roll up.
6If you want to put a worm on top or a swedish fish you can wrap it in a piece of the 'seaweed' fruit roll up. Use chop-sticks and eat!
7You can also cut them into different shapes with cookie cutters before wraping in the 'seaweed'!

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