Cinnamon Marshmallows (no egg whites)

Jordan Michelle Falco


Chocolates - Week 8 June 29th

These recipes are copied straight from my notes in my individual production pastry class. I’m putting them here on just a pinch for my own posterity.

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1 1/2 oz
8 oz
water, cold, for hydration
24 oz
12 oz
glucose syrup
4 oz
4 oz
invert sugar
6 oz
1 oz
vanilla extract
10 g
ground cinnamon

How to Make Cinnamon Marshmallows (no egg whites)


  • 1Stir the gelatin into the cold water to hydrate.
  • 2Combine the sugar, cinnamon, glucose syrup, honey, invert sugar, and water in a saucepan and cook to 252f
  • 3Pour the coked sugar into a 12-qt planetary mixer bowl and allow to cool to 212F
  • 4While the syrup cools, melt the hydrated gelatin in the microwave.
  • 5Mix the melted gelatin into the cooled sugar. Whip on high speed for 8 minutes, or until well aerated. Add the vanilla extract.
  • 6Spread into a half sheet pan lined with parchment paper and well oiled.
  • 7Place a piece of oiled parchment paper ontop of the marshmallow. Flatten to top by hand until smooth. Allow to set over night.
  • 8Dust with a sifted mixture of equel parts cofectioners sugar and cornstarch (you may add a dash of cinnamon if you desire). But the marshmallow with scissors or a guitar cutter into squares. Dust the pieces with the starch mixture.

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