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By JoSele Swopes
from DELTA, CO

I ran across these online while looking for edible decorations and thought how adorable they look and how much fun they would be to make..These would be great for a class or home project for the kiddos... Whether slip-sliding across Lake Lollipop or waddling up to greet guests at the chalet, these dapper penguins are a cool yet comical pair.

prep time 1 Hr

Ingredients For chewy & louie

  • toothpicks
  • 2 sm
    white gumdrops
  • 2 lg
    white gumdrops
  • 2
    orange jelly beans, halved
  • royal icing
  • 2
    purple necco wafers, halved
  • 2
    orange m&m's, halved
  • scissors
  • black shoestring licorice

How To Make chewy & louie

  • 1
    To make each penguin, use a toothpick to attach the small gumdrop (the penguin's head) on top of the large one (the body). Snap a toothpick in half and use the same technique to attach the jelly bean halves to the penguin's body as feet.
  • 2
    Using small dabs of royal icing, glue the Necco wafer halves in place as wings and the M&M half as a beak.
  • 3
    Snip off two tiny lengths of shoestring licorice and affix them with royal icing to make the eyes.

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