Bacon Butter Cups

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By Sue Huhn
from Franklin, WI

Posted on the Occupy Bacon FB page

serves 24
prep time 2 Hr
cook time 4 Hr


  • 1 lb
    bacon, cooked
  • 2 lb
    milk chocolate
  • 14-16 oz
    peanut butter, creamy
  • 2
    dozen mini muffin pans lined
  • 2
    dozen mini muffin pans unlined

How To Make

  • 1
    Begin by placing 24 paper cups in to 2 of the mini muffin tins.
  • 2
    Next, melting 1 pound of chocolate in a double boiler. Once tempered, add a generous dollop to the bottom of each cup. Using the back of a soup spoon, gently push the chocolate upwards to coat the sides of the cup. Repeat until all 24 cups have been filled. You may need to retemper the chocolate depending on how quickly you work. Place them in the refrigerator for approximately 2 hours to harden.
  • 3
    While they're setting, cut 8 strips of Bacon in to 3 sections, totaling 24 pieces.
  • 4
    Take the 2 remaining paperless mini muffin tins and place 1 slice of the cut Bacon in each of the molds. You want a little to hang over the sides to prevent them from curling while baking. Bake them off at 325° for 30-35 minutes or until crispy golden. Remove them from the tins and place them on a paper towel.
  • 5
    After the 2 hours, remove the cups from the refrigerator and place a Bacon cup in to each chocolate shell.
  • 6
    Melt an additional 1/2 pound of chocolate and drop a modest dollop of chocolate on to the Bacon. Set it back in the refrigerator for approximately 2 hours.
  • 7
    Once set, begin mixing the peanut butter until it's smooth. Add a small scoop to the cups and smooth out. Make sure to leave room for the chocolate top.
  • 8
    Melt the remaining 1/2 pound of chocolate and spoon it on top if the peanut butter.
  • 9
    Tip: work from the center out, pushing the chocolate to the sides rather than spreading it. Place them in the refrigerator for approximately 4 hours and serve! ʚϊɞ

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