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teddy bear beach party birthday cake

Recipe by
Beverley Williams
San Antonio, TX

This isn't exactly a recipe. I made this cake for my daughter when she was 6. It was always one of her favorite birthday cakes.

yield 10 -12
prep time 2 Hr
cook time 30 Min
method Bake

Ingredients For teddy bear beach party birthday cake

  • 1 box
    cake mix (i used chocolate)
  • 1 can
    white icing
  • 1 can
    chocolate icing
  • blue food coloring
  • 1 pkg
    graham crackers
  • 1 tube
    red gel icing
  • 10
    teddy grahams cookies
  • 2 slice
    fruit striped gum
  • 1
  • 2 sm
    square crackers (i used wheat thins)
  • 1
    pretzel stick
  • 1
    goldfish cracker
  • 1
    sour apple ring candy
  • 1
    cocktail umbrella
  • 2
    oval shaped cookie (i suggest pepperidge farms milanos)
  • 1
    red licorice lace candy
  • 2-3
    dolphin shaped cracker

How To Make teddy bear beach party birthday cake

  • 1
    Prepare the cake according to package directions.. You can use any flavor cake. I did chocolate because it was her favorite. You want to have a 9 x 13 " cake when finished.
  • 2
    Cool the cake completely before decorating.
  • 3
    Take one graham cracker out of the package. carefully break it as follows.
  • 4
    break off one square piece (2 of the rectangle sections. This will be your picnic blanket.
  • 5
    Break off one single rectangle section. This will be your fishing pier
  • 6
    Set the "blanket" and "pier" aside.
  • 7
    Take the rest of the sleeve of grahm crackers and place them in a zipper bag.
  • 8
    Crush the crackers. This will be your sand.
  • 9
    Take the "blanket" cracker and frost one side with the white icing.
  • 10
    Next use the red gel icing to draw a checkered pattern on the blanket.Set aside.
  • 11
    Take the 2 wheat thin crackers and a small amount of the chocolate icing. Put the icing on the edge of one cracker in a thin line. attach the other cracker to the first using the icing like glue. leave the crackers at an angle to look like an open picnic basket.Place this picnic basket on the decorated "balnket.
  • 12
    Take one of the oval cookies and one teddy graham. Attach the bear to this "surfboard using a small amount of the white frosting. Set aside
  • 13
    Take the small rectangle graham cracker (pier) and one teddy graham. Uses a small amout of frosting to attach the bear to the pier.
  • 14
    Take the pier cracker and carefully use a toothpick to make a hole in the cracker in front of the bear. You are going to make it just big enough to place the end of the pretzel stick into the hole.
  • 15
    Cut a toothpick and cut a short piece off. Stick this piece into the top end of the pretzel stick and use it to attach the short piece of red licorice lace to the pretzel.
  • 16
    Cut another short piece of toothpick. Place it in the other end of the red lace. Use this to attach the goldfish to the lace. This will be the fishing pole.
  • 17
    Take the remaining white icing and add blue food coloring to it. Mix the frosting to turn it blue. **NOTE: I didn't mix it completely so that when you put it on the cake the white streaks make it look more like white caps on the waves.
  • 18
    Use the chocolate icing to frost roughly half of the cake but make sure to not do a straight line so it will look like the shore.
  • 19
    Frost the remaining part of the cake with the blue "water " icing.
  • 20
    Take the crushed graham crackers and carefully cover the chocolate frosting with them. This will make your beach.
  • 21
    Place the Pier at the edge of the beach and the water.
  • 22
    Place the surfer on the water.
  • 23
    Place the dolphin crackers in the water.
  • 24
    Place the sour apple ring on the water and place a teddy grahm in the center.
  • 25
    Place the 2 gum slices on the beach. Lay a teddy graham on each.
  • 26
    Place the cocktail umbrella over them.
  • 27
    Place the "blanket with the picnic basket on it onto the beach. Place two teddy grahams around it.
  • 28
    Place the other oval cookie on the beach by sticking one end into the sand to look like a surfboard stuck in the beach.
  • 29
    Place a surfer bear in a standing position near the board.
  • 30
    Place the gumball on the beach.
  • 31
    Place 2 bear by it to look like they are playing with the "beach ball"

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