Rizon Chocolate Sponge Cake / Cocoa Cake

Anna Carpenter


This is a recipe I found for another JAP baker. It is close to what her mom made back in the 50's but I am not sure it is exact. This is a VERY old recipe from the 20's (I think) From the Rizon Baking Powder Company
I think this recipe was created before electric mixers and gas/electric ovens ??

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1 Hr
45 Min


1/2 + 2 TB c
one 1/2 c + 2 tbsp of butter
2 c
confectioners' sugar
eggs, separated
6 Tbsp
cocoa, unsweetened
4 tsp
baking powder
2 1/3 c
all purpose flour
1/2 tsp
1 c
3/4 tsp
vanilla extract


1Cream Butter, Add one cup of sugar gradually while stirring constantly. Beat the yolks of eggs until thick and lemon tinted; add them to the second cup of sugar while beating constantly, then combine the two mixtures.
2Sift together all dry ingredients. Add alternately with milk to mixture. Add extract.
3Then fold in the whites of eggs beaten until stiff. Mix until thoroughly blended.
4Turn mixture into well-buttered tube pan and bake 45 minutes in "Moderate" oven.
5If you can enlarge the photo you will notice that I changed the 2 oz of chocolate to the 6 tbsp of cocoa. If you are substituting cocoa for chocolate you have to add 1 tbsp of shortening for every 3 tablespoons of cocoa. That is why the butter is now 1/2 cup + 2 TBSP. The original recipe calls for 2 oz of unsweetened chocolate melted over a double boiler. I have no idea what a moderate oven temp is... since most cakes are baked at 350 I would set the temp for that and make sure I kept an eye on it.

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