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By Nancy J. Patrykus
from Spokane, WA

This is one of my long saved recipes from an old church cook book, published 65 years ago! If you are a lemon aficionado this cake is for you! I have tweaked it, and improved it with a few minor changes, for spring 2013. I put the nuts in the bottom of the cake pan, instead of in the cake. Then added grated lemon rind along with the lemon juice of one lemon. I also made a lemon glaze for over the top, after the cake is turned upside down so the nuts ended upon top. It is a delectable light as a feather cake, and I am sure it will be one of your favorites. Enjoy. Nancy.. May 31,2013

serves Family or guests
prep time 15 Min
cook time 55 Min


  • 3/4 c
  • 1-1/2 c
  • 3 c
    eggs....well beaten
  • 3
  • 3 tsp
    baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp
  • 1 c
  • 1
    lemon........the juice and grated rind
  • 1 c
    .......chopped nuts
  • --------
    glaze: powdered sugar, yellow food coloring & lemon flavoring and couple drops of water. mix * pour on top the cake.
  • info: you will need no vanilla in the cake batter ..for a true lemon flavor.

How To Make

  • 1
    Cream b utter till light. Gradually add in the sugar, until light & fluffy. TIP ONE: To measure butter,(even shortening) say for 3/4 cup . Put water in a measuring cup up to the 1-1/4 cup mark, then add butter until the water reaches the 2 cup mark. Be sure to submerge the butter under the water. Then pour off the water, and add your butter to the recipe.!
  • 2
    Add beaten eggs one at a time, blend well. TIP TWO: Occasionally you will get a spoiled egg, and if you break the eggs into your batter. You would have to through it all away. But if you BREAK EACH EGG into a separate bowl, then if it is good, add it to your batter. Break and add each egg ..one at a time.
  • 3
    Put all the dry ingredients into a bowl. Mix well. Measure the milk. Add milk and dry ingredients to the creamed mixture. TIP THREE: If you get into the habit, to SIFT the dry ingredients together, you will find there is a huge difference to the finished recipe. Your cakes will be lighter, higher and fluffier. TIP FOUR:: You don't have a sifter ???? Poor baby...use a metal mesh strainer. It will work just as well! Just measure your dry ingredients into the sifter or strainer. TIP FIVE: You can sift powdered sugar on top of cakes this way also!
  • 4
    Chop the nuts. Put the nuts into the bottom of a greased Bundt cake pan. Grandma always used a hammer to chop the nuts.!!!...LOL (and pliers to pull a loose tooth)..OUCH! TIP SIX: I have a grinder, but it just as easy to put the nuts in a zip lock plastic bag, and crush with a rolling pin. TIP SEVEN: No rolling pin??? Not to worry, use the side of a drinking glass.. and roll away!
  • 5
    Grate the yellow rind from a lemon. Careful not the bitter white part. Then add all the juice and grated lemon rind to the batter from the lemon. TIP EIGHT: If you roll the lemon a few times on the counter it will release the juice easier for you.
  • 6
    Heat the oven to 350F. Pour batter into the cake pan. Bake for 55 minutes to 1 hour.
  • 7
    Remove from oven, cool on a wire rack for 10 minutes only. Then turn the pan upside down on the wire rack. Let cool again, on the wire rack.
  • 8
    The cut cake... with lemon glaze, or you can just powder with confectioners sugar.. Your choice.
  • 9
    TIP NINE: If you have an electric garbage disposal in your sink (not the dog!) LOL just cut the up lemon or orange rinds and grind them up!!!...for a sweet smelling disposal. I hope you liked the added tips.. Their are many younger cooks out there. These tips, might be appreciated.