Hamburger cupcakes

Jenny Gaffney


A friend of mine made these for a summer get-together and i thought they were adorable!!! And yummy!

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chocolate cake mix
yellow cake mix
ingrediants for cake mixes
yellow, green and red food coloring
sesame seeds (optional)


1Bake a batch of vanilla cupcakes, set aside
2bake a batch of chocolate cupcakes, set aside
3slice the vanilla cupcakes with a sharp knife (these will be the buns)
4slice the "burger patties" from the chocolate cupcakes, i like using the bottom of the cupcake since its flatter and more "patty like" (The leftover cupcake top is great to freeze and use as an icecream topping)
5squirt a bit of frosting to the bottom of each vanilla cupcake and place on it the chocolate hamburger patty.
6use yellow frosting to top the "patty" with cheese. (no need to do the center of the patty since you wont see it, i stick around the edges)
7squeeze on a little green frosting for lettuce
8drizzle a dab of red frosting for ketchup
9place the top of the vanilla cupcake on top.
10if you would like to add sesame seeds, just mix a bit of sugar and water together and it will help them stick, wash the top of the cupcake bun with it and sprinkle on the seeds.

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