Chocolate Financiers

Jordan Michelle Falco


IPP- Week 3 May 24th

This rescipe is for the small chocolate cake in the photo. They have had their bottoms dipped in white chocolate, topped with a chocolate flavored butter cream, and a white and dark chocolate curl.

I’m sorry about the European measurements. These recipes are copied straight from my notes in my individual production pastry class. If you would like to convert the measurements, i recommended using this conversions calculator:

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165 g
icing sugar
60 g
almond powder
15 g
trimoline (or other inverted sugar, such as honey)
150 g
egg whites
90 g
butter, cooked to nut color (browned)
2 g
vanilla extract
40 g
30 g
cocoa powder
2 g
baking powder


1Using an electric mixer fitted with the paddle, place the icing sugar and almond powder in the bowl, then work in the inverted sugar. Add the egg whites, the butter, the vnilla and the flour, sifted with cocoa and baking pwoder. Allow the mixture to rest in teh firdge for about 2 hours.
2Pipe into buttered special small financiers moulds or the "Flexipan" tray designed for petit fours sized financiers. Bake in a fan forced oven at 210C for about 12 minutes.

About Chocolate Financiers

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