Black Snake Cake

Janet Scott


What a challenge I gave myself on this one.
I took it to the farmers market and everyone stayed away from my booth! I told them it was just a cake but they didn't care! LOL!!!
This may take some playing around to make but something fun to challenge yourself with.
"Good Luck"

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three layer dark chocolate cake (in my recipes or use your favorite)
2 pkg
black fondant
dark chocolate frosting or white (your preference)
one sheet of gutter screen (for the scales)
one small sharp knife

How to Make Black Snake Cake


  • 1After baking your three layer cake, frost the middle sections and lightly frost the outside.

    Freeze your cake.
  • 2Take your cake out of the freezer and start cutting your shape.
    I started using a electric knife but found out that it wasn't necessary. A little sharp knife worked out much better.

    If the cake thaws out while doing this just put it back in the freezer.
    You want to be able to handle the cake carefully that's why I suggest freezing it.
  • 3Make sure your surface is well covered with powdered sugar (but not too much, that may take away your black color) to prevent sticking.
    Roll out your fondant in a long "snake skin" shape.
    Use only a little at a time, you want it as thin as possible without it breaking up.

    ***It doesn't hurt to have extra fondant in case you mess up***

    Lightly press with your screen to create the scales
  • 4Start placing your sections of "skin" on your cake. Make sure the scales all flow in the correct pattern.
    Form your head with your extra cake pieces and fondant.
    I placed a wooden stick (shish kabob)through the head and cake to support it.

    Use a tooth pick to form slits for the mouth, eyes and all around the head.
    If you mess up, use a little bit of water on your finger to smooth out.
    It's like sculpting!
    I do that to seal each section of the skin as it flows around in it's curl.
  • 5Enjoy!

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