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I'M back! I had a 6 day vacation in the hospital!. Admitted with C.O.P.D., bronical pneumonia,flu, & chest pain, then a moniter diagnosed P.V.C. A heart problem.I am home now and feeling so much better.
Here is a nice little recipe from from my room mate.
I baked when I returned home.
It has the texture of bread, and not to sweet.
I love it with with cream cheese.HA!
My 2nd day home, and there goes my Heart Healthy and low salt diet. I taste a wee bit,then my friends get the product of my labor!There is BISHOP BREAD Recipes also. This is the BISHOP CAKE one. Try it,you might like it.

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family & guests
10 Min
3 Hr


1-1/2 c
1 tsp
baking powder
3/4 c
1 c
small date pieces
1 c
marachino cherries with juice
2 c
toasted, corsely chopped walnuts...optinal
6 oz
semi-sweet chocolate pieces


1Gather baking supplies.
Grease well the Crock-Pot, cake baking pan.
Or a 2 pound coffee can.
Toast walnuts now.
Cut up dates.
Melt chocolate pieces.
2With a wire wisk combine flour,
baking powder and salt together.,
3In another bowl, beat eggs
and sugar till thick.
Stir in the flour ingredients,then the nuts, cherries, dates, & melted chocolate pieces.
4Place all in the cake pan, or coffee can
Cover with 6 layers of paper towels.
Tucking towels down into the outer sides
of the cake pan.
5Place pan into the crockpot.
Put lid on the crockpot.
Cook on high 2-1/2 hours.
Do not peak until done.
Keep the cover on till done.
6Remove pan from crockpot.
Cool for 10 minutes.
Then remove cake and cool on a wire rack.
This cake has a bread texture, and not to sweet.
I like it with cream cheese.
It looks so pretty when cut and
the cherries looking out.
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