Better than store bought Ice Cream Cake

Deneece Gursky


My kids love ice cream cake from dairy queen and carvel. Well they did until i made this lol. Aside from the fact that store bought ice cream cake is ridiculously exxpensive, the places to buy them are just too far from my house. One of the two grocery stores i shop at always has ice cream on sale either at a two for price (2 for 6.00) or a buy one get one price (5.99 for both in this case) I always have the other ingredients on hand since we love topping our ice cream off and my children love oreo cookies. So i decided to make my own ice cream cake. We always complain that the store bought cakes dont have enough of the cookie crumb in them and that its never chunky so you can taste the oreo middles. And we always end up adding some marshmellow topping. This way I made it our way and my entire family is addicted. And to make it easy for my seven year old to get himself a slice, I slice it and then individually wrap them in saran wrap and then in freezer paper and place them in the freezer drawer. He has just the right amount available to him at any time.

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1 bag oreo cookies (dont buy a no name brand)
3/4 of a half gallon premium chocolate ice cream
3/4 of a half gallon premium french vanilla ice cream
1 jar smuckers marshmellow topping (found with the hot fudge and caramel ice cream toppings, this is not thick like fluff but is spoonable)
1 tube of oreo ultimate icing, chocolate creme (found with cake mixes and icings)
about 3 to 4 tablespoons melted butter


1soften chocolate ice cream in bowl
2grease bottom of springform pan
3crush oreo cookies using a rolling pin (i like mine with chunks so i get the icing flavor too lol)
4mix 3/4 c crumbs with butter few tablespoons melted butter until consistancy that is able to be pressed into bottom of pan
5press crumb mixture into bottom of greased pan
6using a rubber spatula put softened chocolate ice cream into pan on top of oreo crust. distribute evenly
7Top this with more oreo crumbs
8Spoon marshmellow over top of this
9Freeze until ice cream is very firm (put vanilla ice cream in frig to begin softening it while waiting)
10Now using rubber spatula add vanilla ice cream to top of frozen chocolate and crumb layer. Return to freezer and freeze several hours until completely frozen solid
11When ready to serve remove from freezer and run a wet butter knife around edges of pan so ice cream doesnt stick to the pan when released. Release the spring and remove pan circle
12Decorate with oreo chocolate frosting, additional oreo crumbs and marshmellow topping
13Slice and enjoy this refreshing ice cream cake

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