Banana Split Cupcakes

Deneece Gursky


My daughter Brittney turned 22 and graduated from college on the same day. I had a huge party for her and of course I baked all the goodies. Since I was baking for 50 people and had to set up the party pick up the food and keep it all a surprise lol I decided to make the cupcakes semi homemade! These came out amazing and noone could tell they started from a box. This was one of the three flavors I made, Banana split! YUM You can purchase the icing and the icing flavoring at your local grocery store in the baking supply aisle. The specialty sprinkles were purchased at PARTY CITY.

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1 box duncan hines french vanilla cake mix plus ingredients listed on box to make cake
1 tablespoon banana extract
fudge ice cream topping. the really thick kind
maraschino cherries (12) stems removed


1 can duncan hines frosting creations frosting starter
1 envelope duncan hines frosting creations flavor mix, caramel flavor
duff goldman banana split prinkles
maraschino cherries (12) stems left on


1Line muffin tins with cupcake liners. And preheat oven to degree listed on cake mix.
2Make cake mix according to package directions.
3Add banana extract. I actually used more since I wanted a strong banana flavor.
4Spoon cake batter into the cupcake liners filling 1/3 of the way. Add a dollop of fudge topping making sure to keep in center of cupcake and not to touch sides of liner.
5Now gently press a cherry (stem removed) into the fudge
6Spoon remaining batter over cherries and fudge to cover completely
7Bake according to package directions. Then allow to cool completely before decorating
8Frosting: Open container of frosting starter and make a well in the center with a spoon
9Add entire packet of caramel flavor mix and stir till completely blended. Frost all the cupcakes
10Add a cherry to the top of each cupcake
11Sprinkle generously with banana split sprinkles.
12Be prepared to watch them disappear!
13Variation: Frost cupcakes with whipped whipped cream frosting and add a hersheys kiss

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