SouthWestern Egg Beaters Breakfast Dish

Elizabeth Miche


My son-in-law made this for me at the cabin we were staying in and I liked it so much, I copied it. However, I am always altering something in all recipes so this one was no different. I substitued Better than Eggs Southwestern Style for the eggs. I add no extra seasonings. It doesn't need them. TRUST ME. Good for those on a "Watch Your Salt" diet.

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many depending on portions
30 Min
30 Min


1 pkg
jimmy dean sage sausage crumbled
6 medium
russet potatoes cubed
1 large
onion diced
1/.2 c
diced red, green and yellow or orange peppers
1/2 qt
better-n=eggs southwestern style eggs
tomatoes, cut up drained-jalapeno for those who like it hot
sprinkle plate servings with shredded cheddar cheese before serving


1Veggies may be cut up ahead and refrigerated to save prep time when making except for potatoes and tomatoes Tomatoes need to drain and will be added to cooked food last. Potatoes will turn black if left too long in the air once peeled.

Note: if using jalapeno peppers, I would keep seperate until ready to add veggies to pan. You could also buy the onions and peppers already cut up in your freezer area of your stores to save even more of your time.
2Spray large chicken fryer pan with tall sides with pan soray. Peel/or not..well washed and dried potatoes. . Then drizzle small amount of oil in pan. Add about two tablespoons butter. Mix well until melted

Add cubed potatoes and start on high heat until they start browning nicely. Turn heat to low and cover. Cook until ready to add veggies. Remove cover and leave heat on low. You want to keep them warm only while adding other veggies.
3Add cut up veggies. Mix well. Continue cooking uncovered until veggies are tender. Turn often to evenly cook all veggies.

While veggies are cooking on low heat take a small fry pan and spray with pan spray and cook sausage. Crumble as it cooks.

When no longer pink anywhere, remove from heat and add all (yes even the grease) to potatoes and veggies. mix well.

Using same pan as sausage, Re-spray pan and pour Better-n-Eggs into pan and scramble until all are done. Add this to Potato pan. Mixing gently so you don't mash the potatoes. If using tomatoes, now would be the time to add them.

Continue to heat until all is heated through and veggies are all cooked and tender.


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