Walt's Secret Pancakes

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I know - Pancakes - BLAH - and secret ?!? -- yeah right - well this is far and away my favorite recipe and the pancakes aren’t your fluffy airy thick wonderful things that you can fix or buy anywhere -- these are thin dense cakes that will stick to your sides and present a completely different texture - this is an new trick for an old dog - well at least I haven’t seen anyone else make cakes this way - but I guess this style is ancient - the trick is in the flour - they call for NON Rising flour - when you cook them they won’t bubble up on the back side like normal pancakes full of air

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15 Min
5 Min


1 c
non rising flour
2 medium
eggs - you can use less but for me 2 works best
1/2 to 1 c
milk -- 2% is what we usually use but we sometimes use cream
vanilla bean stuff (scraped from inside) or syrup
1/4 c
sugar - vary according to how sweet you want it
1 to 2 Tbsp
melted butter ( add in slowly at the end of the mix


1/4 c
fine ground nuts -- my wife likes pecans or almonds
1/4 c
maple syrup -- really any syrup you want will work
1 can(s)
pumpkin cake filling -- a fav during thanksgiving
1 pinch
salt -- if you really needed it -- most times we don't add any
1/4 c
coffee creamer -- adds a little richer taste if using 2% or skim milk
2 - 4 oz
fresh berries - to add in while cooking -- we like blueberries
2 - 4 oz
nut pieces to add in while cooking


add all the ingredients in a medium to large mixing bowl
stir together until somewhat smooth -- don’t sift the flour
pour in the melted butter slowly while turning the bowl at the end of the mix -- so the eggs won’t cook in the bowl -- you want the consistency of the mix to be slightly liquid and runny - all of the ingredients can be varied to get the right texture of mix -- if you use a lot of liquid extra ingredients and it is too thin then add more flour or nuts -- if you don't ming the egg thing, you can finger dab for taste as you go and then adjust salt and sweet
place a pat or 2 of butter in a non stick pan on med heat and wait for the butter to melt -- if the butter darkens turn down heat
pour in enough batter to make the size cake you want -- I usually cover the bottom of an 8 inch pan
add any dry ingredients you want before the batter congeals
cook until the bottom is brown to your liking or the top congeals and turns dull and not shiny -- there will be very few bubbles if any so you have to pay attention as you cook these -- flip them whenever you are satisfied with the color -- it won’t take much time on the back side
I usually have a large plate to stack the cakes on -- I usually separate the cakes with paper towels and pat them to help with the greasy coating -- BTW you can make these without any of the butter and the towels aren’t necessary -- but we like the taste better with the butter
3Serving -- have all the normal stuff available -- even though these are thin -- they are very dense and filling
4AND IN THE END -- all of the ingredients and amounts are approximates -- each ingredient you add will change to texture and adjustments need to be made -- we use a mini blender to do the nuts -- be careful that you don't turn the nuts into a butter -- you want them to be a fine meal if you are going to add them to the batter - I usually hand break some nuts that I add to the batter while cooking -- overall the key to having these cakes turn out is the texture of the batter -- I also like more eggs in my cakes than some people -- the more I use and the more butter the more fried they become -- they can be addictive that way -- but caution -- Arteries have been know to shout out STOP STOP STOP -- but I will admit -- sometimes I ignore them

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