Walt's Easy Easy Crepes

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this easy recipe creates light crepes that are easy to roll or fold -- turning them over in the pan is the hardest part -- be patient waiting for them to thicken before you flip them - using a long thin spatula will help prevent tears in normal frying pan -- this recipe is small and makes about 8 to 10 - 6” crepes

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10 Min
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1 c
all purpose flour
1/2 c
1/2 c
optional -- sugar to taste
optional - vanilla syrup or bean - to taste


1/4 to 1/2 c
powdered sugar
4 oz
creme cheese
strawberry jam - or anything you want
optional - milk or syrup - not much


1Crepe - put the wet ingredients in a medium sized mixing bowl -- then sift the flour into the mix -- I usually add the butter slowly at the end of the mixing
Cooking melt a little butter in a medium size pan
- pour a small amount of the mix in pan so that it covers the bottom
- cook on medium heat until the sheen is off the top of the crepe and then start thinking about turning it over -- once flipped it takes very little time for the other side to cook
2Filling - place the powdered sugar in a mixing bowl
add the softened creme cheese - fold together with a fork (can use two if you are dexterious) until the sugar and cheese starts to incorporate -- then whisk-- it will take a few minutes depending on how soft the cheese is - you can add a little liquid (milk - syrup ) to the mix if you wish --- you can also add butter( not much) if you wish -- the idea here is to have a sauce that will fill the inside of the crepe -- not a cake frosting -- all though that would probably work too
3plating - preparation
- place the crepe on a plate -- brown side down ( you can do it either way)
- dab a little strawberry jam on the crepe -- my wife likes to spread it -- I just put a dab on and forget it - feel free to substitute any type of jam you want(duh) -- my wife likes strawberry
- pour a small amount of the creme cheese filling on the crepe away from the edge - roll from that side - drizzle more sauce on the top - if you want sprinkle some of the powdered sugar on top
4Sample Crepe #1
Try not to ooh and ahhh too loudly as you sample the first one as others may realize you have finished and leave you no option of eating the 2nd one - BTW I wish the Thunder had never traded the Bearded Wonder - Thunder Up Baby !!1

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