Camping Doughnuts

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By Megan Stewart
from Middletown, OH

Deep fry in camp? Heck yes, especially with these fantastic, easy doughnuts. Cook as many as you like, and believe me, you will like. I have topped with powdered sugar, or cinnamon/sugar. However, my favorite was a squeeze bottle with Angela's Icing to drizzle on top! I dare you to try to eat just one! This is sure to become a favorite that you take every time you sure is one of my favorites.

method Deep Fry


    cans of biscuit dough, not buttermilk (inexpensive at aldi), figure 4-5 rolls per person
    powdered sugar
    cinnamon sugar
    brown paper lunch bags (dollar stores all have them)
    angela's icing (i posted the recipe), optional
    oil for frying

How To Make

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    heat oil until it sizzles, but not smoking. Take your biscuit dough and stretch to whatever shape you desire. Gently add to the oil. Cook until brown on one side, then flip. This doesn't take long, so you want to have your lunch bag ready!
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    Take the doughnuts out of the oil, drain on a plate with paper towels for a few seconds. While still hot, toss into your lunch bag filled with either powdered sugar or cinnamon/sugar. Close top of bag and shake the heck out of it so that you coat your doughnut. Now enjoy!