Tex Mex Breakfast Chimichanga

Lynn Socko


This is one of those recipes where measurements just aren't needed. I used leftover's, fresh veggies, fried taters and of course cheese. The only thing I would suggest, if using meat, make sure it's one you like with eggs. Enjoy!

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30 Min
5 Min


**leftover sirloin steak
**red potatoes
**diced onion
**diced tomatoes
**chopped jalapeno
**chopped cilantro
**grated cheese
**10-12" flour tortillas
**canola oil
**salt and pepper to taste


1I started the process by dicing some red potatoes (4) and onion (1/2) and fried in the same skillet I had cooked steak in the night before.
2While that was cooking I diced 2 tomatoes, and 2 jalapeno's and put in a non stick skillet and started cooking them with a little bacon grease I had.
3Then I cut the leftover steak up into large bite size pcs. and chopped some cilantro.
4Then I popped the steak in my food processor and gave it a whirl to chop it nicely.
5Then I added it to the tomatoes and jalapeno's to warm it up.
6Once warmed and browned a little, I added the potatoes and onions.
7I a bowl I broke about a dozen eggs and added the cilantro and whisked really well.
8Then I added the eggs to the meat and veggie mix.
9I cooked them stirring constantly till eggs were firm.
10Then I added some grated cheese I had leftover and added it to the pan.
11I turned off the heat and stirred until the cheese had melted.
12I heated my tortillas in the micro for about 2 min. to make them soft and easy to fold without tearing.
13I placed a few tbs. of egg mix in the middle, folded the sides over, then rolled it up.
14I heated about 2" oil in my skillet and browned them on all four sides.
15You can serve them with any condiment you enjoy with eggs, here are a few suggestions:
Sweet Heat Breakfast Salsa
Mexican Red Table Salsa, Salsa Roja de Mesa
Basic Roasted Tomatillos Salsa

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