Fajita Steak/Feta Cheese Omelet

Gary Hancq


This turned out to be a pleasing combination.

After enjoying Taco Seasoned Fajitas for two days I had to do something else with the small amount of seasoned Sirloin Steak Strips that were left.

Pairing them with the Feta Cheese worked well. I believe I got the inspiration from other member posts on this site. Happy Cooking.

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10 Min
10 Min


1/3 c
steak fajita strips cut to bite sized
1/3 c
feta cheese crumbled
just a pinch of salt and pepper
1 tsp
olive oil to saute


1Heat oil in fry pan over medium heat.
2Beat eggs for omelet, I added one tablespoon of water while beating. While cooking swirl the eggs from the center until almost set. I believe this makes for an airier omelet.
3Cut the prepared Fahita meat strips into bite sized pieces and pre-heat in microwave for 40 seconds. Place meat over one half of the omelet.
4Add the coarsely chopped Feta Cheese to top along with Fajita meat. (I prefer to buy the cake variety of Feta Cheese rather than the crumbled, so that I can cube for salads and other uses).
5Turn heat to low and allow Feta Cheese to soften slightly. Flip the un-topped side of omelet over the topped side. Cook for additional minute. (Use a little more caution than I did for the one in the photo -- Hello! I'm still working on that perfection thing). Still have a ways to go.
6Slide omelet from pan and serve.
7Note: I usually pre-heat my serving plates or platters in the microwave for 2 minutes or so to warm the plates for serving. This insures the meal stays warm to the last bite of goodness. Enjoy
8Note: You could use any steak or left over roast, as well as the cheese of your choice for this.

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