Egg in the Hole

Lynnda Cloutier


Notes from the cookbook:
. This recipe also goes by lots of different names. Here are a few:
Egg in a basket, Chicken in a basket (a little flawed logic there), frog in a hole (Frog? It’s an egg, not a frog), Toad in a hole (ever hear of warts?), Egg basket, bird’s nest egg, Toad Hole, Egg Hole, Pop Eyes, Egg Toast, Private Eyes, and Bird’s Nest Egg in a Hole Basket Toad Chicken Frog. (How’s that one, kiddies?)Unknown source

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sliced bread, such as white, whole wheat, sourdough
large eggs
salt ,black pepper


1With a biscuit cutter, or drinking glass, cut a hole in the center of the bread. Heat 2 to 3 Tbsp. butter in skillet over medium low heat, then put the bread in skillet and allow it to soak up the butter.
2After a minute, crack a large egg into hole. Hence the name, egg in the hole. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and cook for another minute. Throw another tablespoon of butter into the pan, just for kicks. With a spatula, flip to the other side. Move the bread around in the skillet a bit, allowing it to soak in the butter
3Sprinkle with salt and pepper and cook on the second side til egg is the desired doneness. This is a self contained meal.

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Course/Dish: Eggs