Cinnimon portuguese sweet bread

Mark Romiza


My grandfather owned and ran a Portuguese bakery for thirty years, these are derived from his recopies, I have tweaked some, I also cook different kinds and nationalities of food and will slowly post, most of some of my recipes go back 30 to 40 years.

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3 loaves
2 Hr
20 Min


2 1/2 c
1 stick
1/8 tsp
1/2 c
1 tsp
lemon juice
1 Tbsp
4 large
2 1/2 Tbsp
instant yeast
7 c
all purpose, or high gluten if you have it
1 stick
butter sftened
1 c
2 Tbsp


1Add butter and milk warm to 110 degrees( as with any recipe or directions read the entire list first)
2Add all the rest of ingredients in a mixing bowl with a hook adapter, or bread hook
3One thing I did not add to ingredients is flour, it varies, I usually start with about 7 cups, mix until fully incorporated, add flour as needed until it just comes off the side of the bowl. Turn onto floured surface and need till smooth (you will get it after a few tries, if tour not familiar with bread dough. I usually weigh it and divide in three equal parts, caver with towel and let rise until it doubles.
4Mix the sugar and cinnamon together, working with the last three ingredients.
5One at a time, take each dough ball and flatten, rub with softened butter sprinkle with cin-sugar mixture, roll up tightly and place in bread pan, do this to all 3. make 3 light slices on top of each, brush with an egg water mixture, place towel over and lit rise, at least double.
6Preheat oven to 400, place bread in middle rack and bake for 22 minutes, ovens do vary but this timing should work for all ovens, if using a convection oven bake at 350 for twenty minutes. Let cool in pan for twenty minutes. awesome for French toast, and great just toasted with butter. hope you all enjoy.

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