Ploughman's Sandwich

Scott Anderson


The traditional British pub lunch sandwich is quite simple. Start with hearty rustic bread such as seven grain, pumpernickel, or seeded rye. Stay away from the traditional soft and squishy breads that you buy in a bag of the grocery store shelf. I like to go to the local bakery or to the fresh breads section at Wegmans to pick up some fresh baked loaves that I can have sliced for me. What you are looking for is a nice chewiness to the bread with great aroma and texture.

This sandwich is created with 3 basic ingredients, bread cheese and chutney. You can add to the basics by adding in some bread and butter pickles, or dill pickles if you prefer. Even some nice marinated green tomatoes on the side add nice flavor to this sandwich.

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5 Min


2 slice
rustic bread
3 Tbsp
mango chutney or favorite brand
4 oz
cheddar cheese, sliced (wisconsin cheddar)
2 oz
bread and butter pickles


1Arrange 2 slices of bread on you workstation and spread chutney across each slice. Layer on cheddar cheese and add in pickles is desired.
2Place bread on top of another and assemble with a side of fresh chips. The sandwich can be toasted if requested.

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