stuffing italian style

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By Rose Rauhauser
from Bronx, New York to York, PA

This is my Italian grandmother's stuffing. It's versatile so you can add sausage or pine nuts, golden raisins and black olives. We use it just as a bread stuffing and do add things in for stuffed chicken breasts or stuffing flank steak also.

serves 8 or more
prep time 1 Hr
cook time 1 Hr
method Bake

Ingredients For stuffing italian style

  • 2
    loaves of texas toast bread (slices are double size slices)
  • 3
    eggs beaten
  • 3 c
    chopped celery (adjust amount to the amount of bread used)
  • 3 c
    diced vidalia onions
  • 1 c
    chopped parsley
  • 3 c
    grated parmasan cheese
  • 4 c
    chicken broth
  • 2 c
    dry white wine (i use charddonay)
  • 2
    sticks of salted butter
  • 2 Tbsp
    dried oregano

How To Make stuffing italian style

  • 1
    First let me say you can add or delete as much bread as you like or need and adjust your other amounts. This feeds 10 people and stuffs a turkey. You can also add browned sausage, chopped black olives, pine nuts chopped, golden sweet raisins, it adjusts to your tastes.
  • 2
    Lightly toast all the bread. Cut into pieces for stuffing. Saute your onions, celery and butter and oregano until tender then add to cut up bread and also add chicken broth and using your hands mix through. Then add your eggs, mix again. Add cheese and white wine and parsley (dried will do also)mix thoroughly. I taste it to make sure if I need more cheese or wine or broth. Put in refrigerator or stuff your turkey and put the rest in a lightly buttered dish to bake. I bake the remaining amount at 350 for 1 hour lightly covered.
  • 3
    I usually make my stuffing in the morning or the day before I'm using it and cover and refrigerate it. The flavors are enhanced over the few hours or day before.