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I took a wonderful trip to Ireland over Thanksgiving this year. These are some of the over 1300 photos I took. I will be posting more.

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great friends
lots of money
lots of sight seeing
tons of fun


1Stephanie & I at a pub in Killarney
Havin meself a wee bit o Jamie
2The streets of Killarney
3Boats on the river near Ross Castle
4Irish clover near Ross Castle
5Ross Castle
6The city from the Rock of Cashel.
It was too dark to get any pictures of the Rock of Cashel, which is an old castle. It was closed for the season and renovations.
7The Irish countryside heading toward Dublin.
8Kilkenny Castle
9Irish cobblestone near the Kilkenny Castle
10The Sweet Shoppe in Kilkenny.
11The produce market, Roots and Fruits, in Kilkenny.
12Getting stuff ready for 'American Thanksgiving'. I brought the Stove Top and pumpkin at their request.
13This is 2 pounds of carrots! They were super fat!
14Brussel sprouts boiled then added to sauted onion and streaky rashers (what we call bacon).
15Pumpkin pie. They weren't sure if they would like it or not, but once they tried it along with the sweet potatoes with marshmallows, they LOVED it.
They don't have pre-made frozen pie crusts, so we ended up getting sweet shortcrust pastry that was rectangular. So, it didn't quite fit in the pan, but it was good.
16Our feast. They said it was georgous! They are too funny.

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