Smoked Summer Sausage

steven sellards


I use this one about 90% of the time, you can even cook it in an oven if you can keep about 175 ish
put a grease catch pan (cooky sheet)on shelf below sausage if oven finishing. pinched from Eldons sausage.

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2 Hr
4 Hr


10 lb
lean ground meat (10-12% fat)
4 Tbsp
2 tsp
curing salt
2 tsp
liquid smoke
3 Tbsp
corn syrup solids
3 Tbsp
powdered dextrose
2 Tbsp
mustard seed whole
1 Tbsp
white pepper
2 Tbsp
black pepper, cracked
1 tsp
coriander seed
1 tsp
garlic granules
1 c
cold water
1 c
flavor binder 86, or 2 cups non fat dry milk
2" x 16" fibrous casings


1Combine ground meat with all remaining ingredients(except casings)in a large mixing bowl,mix/knead thoroughly up to 2 minutes.
(to prepare fibrous casings soak 15 min. in warm water prior to using.
2Taste test by frying a small amount(a size of a quarter or so) a patty to see if you approve the flavor. Make changes if needed.
3Stuff seasoned meat mixture into casings of your choice; refrigerate overnight to cure.
After sausage product has been seasoned,stuffed & cured overnight, hang the sausage product in smoker, carefully positioning so that it's not touching one another.
2. If you have a digital thermometer timer, push the probe into the center of one of the sausages, set the temperature alarm at 152 degrees F.
3. Begin the first hour by setting the temp. to 130-140 degrees; open the smoker damper wide open until the product is dry (tacky) to the touch
4.At beginning of second hr. close damper & adjust smoker temp. to 150-260 degrees & apply smoke for 1hr.and 20 min.Longer is optional if you prefer a heavy smoke.
5.At beginning of the 3rd hr. adjust smoker heat to 170 degrees. Maintain until internal temperature of the sausage product reaches 152 degrees internally at which time the sausage is fully cooked
5Cooling Down the product:
Remove sausages from smoker & shower with cool water to stop the cooking process, shower(spray) product until the internal temp of product drops to 120 degreesF.
6Product is ready to eat. Remainder should be packaged & frozen until needed.

Venison lovers can grind 9lbs. of trimmed venison and 1lb. beef fat for 10 lbs. of sausage sticks or summer/salami type sausages..enjoy

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