"Southern Boy" Kickin' Pimento Cheese

Bill Wentz


This takes me right back to Mama Wentz's kitchen when I was a little boy......Pimiento Cheese spread on white bread and toasted in the oven, Melty, Cheesy Goodness Mmmmmmmmm Good !!!!!!

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20 Min


1 pkg
8oz extra sharp cheddar grated
1 pkg
8oz extra sharp white cheddar grated
1 jar(s)
4oz pimientos, with juice
1/2 c
duke's real mayonaise
1 tsp
cayenne pepper
2 pinch
salt and pepper


1Hand grate your cheddar cheese's on your work surface for easy preparation!!!
2Mix the shredded cheese together with the pimientos stir well, stir in cayenne pepper and Duke's Mayonaise, stir until well blended.
3Add salt & pepper to taste and stir again, combining all ingredients. Pack them in your favorite container and refrigerate for 2 hours before devouring !!!!!!!
4And for the Grand Finale....a slice of your favorite White sandwich bread spread with this delicious mixture and placed under the broiler until "Melted & Toasty" OMG!!!

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