Bacon Rapped Sausage Jalapeno Popper's

Mike Norbury


These can either be done in the oven or out on the grill.
I have done them both ways and to tell you the truth I think they are better out of the oven.

These have been given 5 stars by everyone that has had them. I even made them for the 50th birthday and one of the wife's co-workers stood over them and that was all he ate.

TIP: If you have a slow cooker and want to take to a gathering, put a small grate in slow cooker and put a bit of water in it to keep them warm.

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30 if lucky
1 Hr
20 Min


24 oz
ground sausage, pork or andouille (cajun), (i like the andouille)
8oz. packages cream cheese, softened
large jalapeno peppers
2 lb
bacon, thawed, (you may want to have an extra pound out, you will see in directions)
1/2 c
green onion w/greens, chopped
2 c
cheddar cheese, sharp or medium
1/4 c
2 tsp
cayenne pepper, or to taste


1Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees F.
2Place sausage in a large deep skillet or heavy pot and cook over medium high heat until evenly brown.
3Drain off the grease (I use a spaghetti strainer)and place in a large bowl.
4Mix cayenne with the sausage then add the cream cheese and cheddar. You do the cayenne first so that it will mix well.
5Pre-cook the bacon to reduce most of the grease but don't cook to the point that it is stiff. you are going to wrap the bacon around your poppers in a bit.
Ok, here is the bit from above. I have done these I don't know how many times and I like to wrap my popper with a full piece of bacon each, that way it goes all the way around. You may want less bacon so before frying, cut the pound in half. remember it's going to end up short.
6Here is the part that you may not like so much.
Fill the sink with water and dump in the jalapenos'. Hold under water trim off the stem to the edge of the pepper and cut down the center. With a very small knife, clean out the seeds and extra pulp so that you have a little boat. Drain on paper towels as you go.
7Arrange wrapped jalapeno's on a rack in a large shallow baking dish, brush liberally with honey and bake in pre-heated oven for 20 minutes, or until bacon is evenly brown and slightly crisp.

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