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October 2022

Fran Miller
Parkersburg, WV (pop. 31,492)
Member Since Apr 2011
Bobby (*_*)
Monticello, KY (pop. 6,188)
Member Since Nov 2012
Jennifer S
Philadelphia, PA (pop. 1.5M)
Member Since Aug 2014

September 2022

Carla Toppass
Rich Hill, MO (pop. 1,396)
Member Since Sep 2014
Linda Cummins
Melbourne, KY (pop. 401)
Member Since Sep 2016
Steve Grandors
Fort Dodge, IA (pop. 25,206)
Member Since Sep 2019

August 2022

Sheri Boren
Member Since Nov 2021

July 2022

Colleen Richards
North Highlands, CA (pop. 34,088)
Member Since Jan 2019

June 2022

Mary Morris
Uvalda, GA (pop. 598)
Member Since Mar 2010
Vickie Parks
Member Since Jul 2014
Cat Kiki
Grabill, IN (pop. 1,053)
Member Since Jan 2016

May 2022

Mike Tee
Member Since Jan 2020
Kaye Witherell
Lansing, MI (pop. 114,297)
Member Since Jul 2021
Marcy Rao
Tulsa, OK (pop. 391,906)
Member Since Apr 2015

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emi samo - Dec 28, 2022
I wish everyone a beautiful and safe new year...enjoy... cinnamon buns didn't make it for Christmas morning so we will be enjoying them for new years morning, hot chocolate, and beef patties..yummmmm
Cat Reed - Dec 28, 2022
I hope everyone has a wonderful new year of 2023 and stays safe.

I made a crock pot of veggie soup and shared with my neighbors who loved it to.
For Christmas dinner i made a ham slice with pineapple chunks i put brown sugar on ham slice. yum yum. That was my dinner!
the crock pot meal Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, can taters, can green beans, 1 can rotel,
cut up celery and leaves, onion and bell pepper. Used better than Bouillon.
My cats are bugging me so excuse any typing mistakes i had to back space a few times lol
Anyone with cats understands this one. Jumps on keyboard lol

Stay safe everyone
Heide Horeth - Dec 28, 2022
Roasted carrots and beets. Simply delicious. Try just one new vegetable recipe each week and watch how much you learn. Soon you’ll have a lot of new ways to prepare healthy food for you and your family. Let the kids help!
View photo
Marie Kowalski - Dec 28, 2022
Wishing all our great home Chef's a very happy, healthy, New Year for 2023
Gayle Shepherd - Dec 27, 2022
Wonderful recipes from all happy new year
Straws Kitchen(*o *) - Dec 27, 2022
Guess the monthly contests' are over!!!!!
Sherry Blizzard - Dec 15, 2022
Made a crockpot shrimp alfredo for my church Sunday School Class Christmas Party. But I love, love, love Diane's Crockpot Jambalaya. Crockpot Creole Jambalaya for Two - Dee Dee's
Apple Chic - Dec 15, 2022
Merry Christmas
Sherry Blizzard - Dec 14, 2022
Making these again asap.... Ganado Tacos
Jennifer S - Dec 13, 2022
I have temptations cookware, it was sold by QVC but I'm sure you can use any cookware like Pyrex, or Corning
Janie Snell - Dec 13, 2022
Desiree Fuller - Dec 13, 2022
Kathy and Ruger, have you tried Temptations. You can, make, proof and bake all in one container. Try looking for it on Amazon or
Bobby (*_*) - Dec 13, 2022
Hi K.K. Amazon, just go to Amazon and click Bread Bowls Pan!! :-)
Kathi & Ruger - Dec 13, 2022
Does anyone know if there is a pan our there that you can rise and cook “bread bowls” for soups in? I’ve looked everywhere and sure can’t find one so thought I’d ask the experts! Thank you and Merry Christmas
Don Purina - Dec 8, 2022
It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas All Them Phishers Are Here