Family Holiday Traditions Winner Announced!

Family Holiday Traditions


Missy Wimpelberg
Franklin, TN (pop. 62,487)
Member Since Oct 2010

Congratulations to MISSY WIMPELBERG of Franklin, TN! Her PUMPKIN CRISP was tops in the Just A Pinch Family Holiday Traditions Contest. The combination of flavor, presentation and family story totally won over our panel of judges!

"This is one of those desserts that every one always asks for," explains Missy. "We have a large family, our holiday meals consist of about 30-40. It is such a wonderful time to sit around the table and eat all the wonderful food that was prepared and just spend time being a family. After losing several family members over the last few years, I treasure each one of these meals. It is hard to pick one recipe, but the best memories are all the kids and grandkids working in the kitchen with my Aunt and Grandmother. We made pound after pound of fudge 5 different flavors, dozen after dozen of cookies about 8-10 different ones, and sitting with Grandma making Haystacks. While [this] recipe is simple, Grandma had making them down to a art, and she was not afraid to tell you when yours was not correct. I miss her dearly."

Missy's Grand Prize includes:
  • Travel for two to Nashville, TN
  • Two nights hotel accommodations
  • Two tickets to a Grand Ole Opry performance (subject to scheduling and availability)
  • A $1,000 cook's dream shopping spree at the Viking Culinary Arts Center in historic downtown Franklin, TN
  • ... and the opportunity to prepare the winning recipe with Janet at a Blue Ribbon Showcase Event!

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Meet Missy and Hear About Her Blue Ribbon Experience!

Thanks to all of you who entered your family recipes! We received a heaping helping of delicious entries and touching stories. We had the daunting task of narrowing all of the wonderful entries down to just three contenders for the final judging. Rounding out our finalists were these touching, tasty entries:

MAMA'S BUTTERMILK PIE - Leah Stacey of Jonesborough, TN
"This is my all time favorite pie! It has that sweet and salty taste to it. I always make 2 so that way I can bring left overs home if there is any left. Last year for Thanksgiving I brought the pies over to my friends house and accidentally left half a pie there. I called her the next day to see if I could come by and pick it up and she said that I was too late, her sister loved the pie so much that she brought the pie home with her!"

VALENCIA DELIGHTS - Jill Drury of Milwaukee, WI
"It was a crisp Fall afternoon and I had just gotten home from another rough day of first grade. I sat down in my bedroom, unzipped my backpack, and pulled out my homework. Just as I was about to open up my math book, the smell of fresh baked goods vented into my room and drew me to the kitchen. Unnoticed, I watched my Grandma from the hallway. She rolled cookie dough with her hands, filled up a cookie sheet with perfectly round circles, and paced around the oven listening to the oven timer click away. When the bell went off and she went to retrieve her batch, I slowly crept into the kitchen on my tiptoes. Very quietly, I slid under the table with the bowl of remaining cookie dough in my hands. Just as I was about to feast on dough, I looked up and could see my Grandma’s feet in front of me. She was standing over me. Just as I tried to creep away in the other direction, she reached down, grabbed the bowl from my hands, pulled me up, and told me that if I wanted a cookie, I had to bake one! Living with my Grandma motivated me at an early age to cook, bake and eat everything on my plate. Baking easily became a bond that we shared. Besides having fun in the kitchen, my Grandma was a great teacher and if anything, she always had a recipe that would cure my killer sweet tooth! Making holiday cookies became a favorite tradition of ours. Afterall, it was the only way she could stop me from eating half the dough! Everyone in my family had their favorite. From sugar to ginger to good old-fashioned chocolate chip, every cookie was promised and delivered on time for the holiday season. No one had to worry that their favorite wouldn't be waiting for them on the famous cookie platter. Unfortunately, for the longest time I had a problem finding my favorite. I liked them all but I never loved or craved a single one. Until one day when my Grandma started having me mix my favorite flavors: chocolate and orange. We came up with a unique cookie that I can now call my favorite every holiday season. I thank my Grandma for her patience with me in the kitchen. Without her, I'd still be eating dough! And…everyone else’s’ favorite cookie."

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