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Movie Theater Popcorn at Home

By Catherine Thompson Floyd Catherine5414

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Catherine's Story

Movie popcorn-Hot, buttery, delicious! Here is a recipe to make your own right in your kitchen using your stove top for a fraction of the cost of those movie popcorn packets. I have heard that the butter flavored microwave popcorn is hazardous to our health and that factory workers where the microwave butter flavored popcorn is processed are having lung problems. If you feel that is a concern, here is a recipe to try. My husband used to work in a theater (1960s) and he told me the secret is coconut oil. Of course you can use oil of choice, but coconut oil does make it taste theater yummy!


coconut oil, enough to cover bottom of pan
popcorn kernels
real butter, to taste, melted, opt
salt, fine grind, if possible or
movie popcorn seasoning, opt

Directions Step-By-Step

In a heavy bottm saucepan add the coconut oil to the bottom of the pan to coat and be enough for the kernels of popcorn sit and have the oil like about 1/4 to 1/2 up the kernels. Turn the heat on to medium-high.
When you see the oil start shimmering, or start to smoke, add popcorn kernels to almost cover the bottom of the pan. Stir. Put a lid on the pan and carefully shake. When you hear the kernels "pop", turn down the heat. Shake the pan carefully (don't burn yourself!) every now and then to avoid burning. Some folks like the popcorn texture better if the lid is just a bit ajar to allow the steam to escape. If you do this, be careful of flying hot kernels and also use care when shaking the pan. (NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN!). Some folks just add 2 kernels of corn when they put in the oil and when they pop, they know the heat is high enough and time to add the corn kernels.
When the corn slows down popping, remove from heat and let it finish popping. Salt and butter if desired.
Sometimes I add the salt to taste with the coconut oil and sometimes I wait till it is popped. Serving size depends so much on size of pan, how many kernels you use and how big your popcorn bowl is!
On the JAP site there are some fabulous recipes to do flavored popcorn.

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Lise Mueller batcats
Mar 9, 2015

I use coconut oil to cook a lot of things, because I think it cooks cleaner and the house doesn't reek of fried foods for days after frying. So, I bet it would be great to use when cooking popcorn.
Thanks for the recipe.
Catherine Thompson Floyd Catherine5414
Feb 27, 2013
Hi! I hope that you enjoy this popcorn. I think it tastes the same as what they serve in theaters here where I live. Sounds like you have all of what you need to make your experience at home even better than going out! What a neat deal!
Prabath Madusanka Prabath_Madusanka
Feb 27, 2013
Hi, I really enjoy home movie theater rather go to cinema. my home theater unit is sniffabox V4, purchased from Millagroup. I love popcorn similar to my theater..LOL