macless mac salad

Diane Eldridge


i lov all the veggies i put in mac salad but did not want the carbs in the mac sooooooooooooo i came up with this....

pinch tips: How to Wash Fruits & Vegetables





30 Min


make dressing:
1 c
2/3 c
light sour cream
2 Tbsp
apple cidar vinegar
1 tsp
garlic powder
1 Tbsp
onion powder
2 pinch
red pepper flakes
1/3 c
dill relish,well drained
1/8 tsp
seasoned salt
1 lb
bacon cooked crisp
1 small
yellow summer squash,grated
1 small
1 pt
cherry tomatoes,1/2 ved
1 bunch
green onion,sliced very fine,use both white and green
1/2 c
celery ribs,chopped well
1 small
1 medium
1 bunch
broccoli florets,blanched
4-6 large
hard boiled eggs
2 c
shredded cheese[i used 5 cheese blend]

Directions Step-By-Step

early in day make dressing...combine first 9 ingredents in med bowl..whisk well to mmix put in fridge
now mix the next 8 veggies well add 1/2 the cheese put 4 of the eggs[chopped small] into bowl cover and put in fridge jus before serving pour dressing over veggies stir well sprinkle last cheese over all 1/2 last 2 egg put on top as garnish put several grinds of fresh black pepper over all...enjoy now if ya want mac salad jus boil bout a pound of mac and add to this.... i like both.....

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