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Grannie Lee's Dill Pickles

By Jane Whittaker janenov46

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7 quarts
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Jane's Story

I got such a great reception with these pickles I have to post them. My daughter in law who is a chemist, asked me if they were hard to do.
When I stopped laughing, I told her they were probably the easiest thing I ever made. I don't put these in a water bath, but I do sterilize the jars.


21 medium
cucumbers, you don't want seedy ones
21 to 30 large
cloves garlic, peeled
21 sprig(s)
dill heads and feathery leaves
21 medium
hot pepper, your choice, i like habeneros
12 c
4 c
white vinegar
16 Tbsp
canning salt, do not subsitute, and you can order on line if you have to
i grow my own and plant in spring because where i live you can't buy in any grocery store.

Directions Step-By-Step

Wash cukes,leave in sink, and cover in ice, add some water and leave for 3 hours.
Sterilize jars by boiling for 15 minutes. Leave jars in hot water while you pack pickles and remove them one by one to fill.
Put lids in small flat fry pan, cover with water and bring to almost a simmer, don't boil, they just have to be hot.
Bring brine to a boil, and keep heat on low to keep hot.
In each quart jar put 1 to 2 large cloves of garlic, one hot pepper (I like a habenero), and a sprig of dill and a feathery leaf if you have them.
Add sliced cucumbers, cover with brine, wipe top of jar off, screw lids on.
Set aside for 24 hours and then check seal. The combination of hot jar, hot brine,and hot lids seals them.

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Jane Whittaker janenov46
Jul 4, 2014
Thanks Freda it's aure an old way to do them.
FREDA GABLE cookin4me
Jul 4, 2014
I have Made this Recipe EXACTLY as this is, Many many times. Always good Pickles.
If I am not Going to use them for a year or more I even add a tsp of Alum to each jar, then pour the Brine over them and they stay Crispy for Many years.
Jane Whittaker janenov46
Jul 3, 2014
Thanks Eddie, let me know how they turn out.
Jul 2, 2014
Hi Jane, I just came from the garden with about 20 to 25 cucumbers. I'm going to make this pickle recipe a I wanted to try a new recipe for me. Thank you for the post. I will post pictures on how they turned out for me.
Jun 20, 2014 - Melanie B shared a photo of this recipe. View photo