Parsleyed Potatoes (Parsley Potatoes)

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By Heidi Hoerman heidicookssupper

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Stove Top

A wonderful side dish for smoked sausage, parsleyed potatoes are a traditional dish with many versions on the web.

This one combines the convenience of the microwave and a skillet on top of the stove and is quick to make (15 minutes, start-to-finish.

Blue Ribbon Recipe

Notes from the Test Kitchen:
This is such a savory, satisfying way of preparing potatoes! A great technique to keep tucked in your apron pocket...


1 to 2 medium
potatoes per serving (thin-skinned or peeled)
1 Tbsp
butter per serving (cut back for large batches)
1/4 medium
onion per serving
1/4 bunch
fresh parsley per serving
zest of one lemon, grated (optional)
salt & pepper to taste

Directions Step-By-Step

Wash and remove any sprouts or bad spots from the potatoes. If using thin-skinned potatoes(e.g. red, new, or Yukon gold potatoes), leave the skin on. If using thicker-skinned potatoes (e.g. Russet), peel them.
Cut the potatoes into 3/4 inch dice. Place in a microwave-safe dish, add water to about 1-inch deep. Cover and microwave until the potatoes are almost done. Time varies depending on amount of potatoes and strength of microwave oven but takes about 10 minutes for 2 large servings.
While the potatoes are cooking, melt the butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Chop the onions and saute in the melted butter, stirring occasionally to promote even cooking.
When the potatoes are soft, much of the water will have been absorbed. Use a slotted spoon to add the potatoes to skillet with the onions, leaving as much water behind as possible. Let the potatoes saute for about 2 minutes to brown slightly on one side.
Finely chop the parsley (and, optionally, zest the lemon). Add these to the skillet and toss to mix thoroughly. Allow this to heat through for about 2 minutes. Taste, and season with salt and pepper.
While the potatoes are heating through, you have just enough time to heat some pre-cooked smoked sausage in the microwave. Offer a dollop of mustard with the sausage and dinner is served.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Potatoes
Main Ingredient: Potatoes
Regional Style: American
Collection: Thanksgiving Table
Other Tag: Quick & Easy
Hashtags: #parsley, #Potatoes

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angela spadafora aj2128
Jul 1, 2014
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!
Rose Selvar potrose
Mar 30, 2014
Personally it doesn't matter if the potatoes are
'small diced" or "thin sliced". This is a great recipe. We loved them. BTY, when I made them I SLICED them too just like the test kitchen did. I prefer them that way!!!!! You can see my picture too as I posted it here. YUMMY recipe!
If you want to make them and "small dice" them, then do it....and then post YOUR picture. Who knows, it just might make become the "main" picture. 3/30/14
linda jones diane1982
Mar 30, 2014
Tried tonight,family and I really like them. I didn't have fresh parsley,so I used dried parsley and I like rosemary so I tossed some dried rosemary,salt and pepper tasted fine.I'll do it with fresh next time,kinda did spare of the moment just didn't want mashed tonight. Family said its a keeper.
Carol Harpel Kitzer
Mar 30, 2014
Gail - You are welcome!!!!
But, 'rag on' JAP for that one!
There is a 'contactt us' button to click on -- If you know how to -- just scroll to the bottom of this page -- and click on it!!!!
linda Smith Cookenwithlov
Mar 30, 2014
oh for heavens sake REALLY!!!!!!