Pat Duran Recipe

German Potato Bake

By Pat Duran kitchenchatter

This is pretty much like the original recipe most of us usually make - a little sweet a little sour and bacon of course! :). This is a little sweeter than sour.
You know I have more than one sweet tooth.
Hope you enjoy and feel free to change it to your sweet and sour palate. Enjoy my tweaks.

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6-8 servings
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12 medium
potatoes, cooked al dente
8 slice
bacon -i used 1/2 cup real bacon bits
2 medium
onion, chopped- i used 1 diced
3/4 c
brown sugar, firmly packed
2/3 c
water, divided
1/3 c
white vinegar, i used cranberry vinegar
1/3 c
sweet pickle juice, i used 1/2 cup vlasic pickle relish
2 tsp
dried parsley flakes, i used only 1
1 tsp
salt- i didn't use any
3/4 tsp
celery seed, i used 1/2 teaspoon celery salt
4 1/2 Tbsp
all purpose flour, i used 5 tablespoons
1/4 c
shredded cheddar cheese
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Directions Step-By-Step

Preheat oven to 350^
Cook potatoes al dente; drain. Peel and slice 1/4 inch thick, into a sprayed 2 quart baking dish; set aside.
In a heavy bottomed large skillet(i used cast iron skillet). Stir in bacon and cook until crisp-(i used 2 Tablespoons reserved bacon grease and 1/2 cup bacon bits and stirred them together in the skillet, heat through and remove bits and leave drippings.)
Drain bacon leaving the 2 Tablespoon drippings. Crumble bacon and set aside.
Sauté onion in drippings until tender. Stir in the sugar,1/2 cup of the water,vinegar,pickle juice(or pickle relish), parsley, celery seed( or celery salt).
Simmer, uncovered for 8 minutes, to blend flavors.
In a small bowl, combine flour and remaining water until smooth; stir into onion mixture.
Bring to a boil. Cook and stir for 3 minutes or until thickened. Pour over potatoes in prepared dish; gently stir to coat all the potatoes. Sprinkle bacon on top .
Bake uncovered in the oven for 40 minutes,remove from oven and sprinkle top with cheese and return to oven for 5 more minutes or until cheese has melted. Mmmmmmm.

About this Recipe

Main Ingredient: Potatoes
Regional Style: German