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We use this in the fall and push it in to the bark of the tree and then we rub bird seeds and fruits into it and the birds love it we have a couple ladder back hairy wood peckers that come around all the time for it.... we enjoy sitting in the back yard and watching them. we have gotten our camera out and taken pics of the birds while feeding at our different feeders...the ones I enjoy the most are the humming birds.
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Mix and Serve

This simple mix and serve treat attracts a lot of woodpeckers and other birds. Mix lard, peanut butter and flour. Then add cornmeal. Stir until it's the consistency of putty.
Press the mixture into the bark of trees or on your pinecone feeders, etc....then press bird seed and fruit into the tree incase of pinecone or such roll in bird seed and or fruit.

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user Millie Johnson BISCUITMAKR - Oct 2, 2012
This is a great ideal ! The grandchildren and I have made a simular mix and smeared it on/in pine cones and rolled in wild bird seed and hung them from the tree branches for the birds. I will try this since I have seen woodpeckers around here. Maybe your ideal will attract them to our yard for a meal. :)
user JoSele Swopes JODIE57 - Oct 3, 2012
This has worked for us , did you use my pinecone recipe on here? I have other ones and am going to put a suet cake also....
user Millie Johnson BISCUITMAKR - Oct 3, 2012
No, I used my own recipe since I was doing this years ago and have only been a member of jap for 2-3 months. I did it with my children, nephews, and my grandchildren . I be old school....well, old ! :D
user JoSele Swopes JODIE57 - Oct 3, 2012
Yeahme too I have been on JAP since 2010....I have 4 Grand Daughters and one on the way...

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