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slightly spicy salsa roll ups

By val reinking FortheLoveofFood68

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ive made this several times and it is always without a doubt the hit and fav of the crowd, its so easy and so scrumpscious


2 box
cream cheese
1 jar(s)
black bean salsa
5 pinch
chili powder
flour tortillas

Directions Step-By-Step

Take the 3 boxes of cream cheese, take out of boxes and put in a large mixing bowl. Pour the whole jar of black bean salsa in with, and add about 1/2 tsp of chili powder
mix with hand held mixer until all is incorporated.
Place a piece of Saran Wrap ontop of spead, so it doesnt get a skin. Refridge for about 1.5 hours.
While spead is in fridge, take your tortillias 2 at a time and cut 2 sides of the rounded sides off, so they dont look like circles any longer, makes for a nicer edge.

After the 1.5 hours of chill time for spread, take out of fridge. It should be firm. Take 1 flour tortillia and spread from non rounded side to the other, nice mediumish layer. Take the bottom rounded and pull up to the half way mark, and roll. In the same motion a use would use a rolling pin. Cut into nicely somewhat even pinwheels, or even cut alittle thicker if youd like.

Serve on a charming platter, I found no dip was needed, they were scrumpscious on there own!!!!


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