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I love cooking with different spirits, but a lot of people don't so here is a substitution list for those that don't want to use alcohol in recipes.


amaretto: almond extract. as almond extract has a much stronger flavor, only use about ¼ of the amount of amaretto called for.
bourbon: a teaspoon or two of non-alcoholic vanilla extract
brandy: water is a common substitution but, depending on the recipe, cherry syrup (from canned cherries), white grape juice, and apple juice can be used.
champagne: any sparkling fruit juice will do here, such as apple, grape or cranberry juices. ginger ale also works well
coffee liqueur: espresso is a great substitution
cognac: pear, peach, or apricot juice works well
crème de menthe: to substitute for crème de menthe, spearmint extract is a good choice, or spearmint oil, which should be diluted with a small amount of water.
peach brandy: use the syrup from canned peaches. make sure peaches are canned in heavy syrup. peach preserves can also be used
port wine: grape juice,
red wine: cranberry juice, grape juice, tomato juice, even beef or vegetable broth.
rum: vanilla extract
sherry: apple, pineapple, and orange juices

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Dee Tourville Dee_Tourville
Oct 15, 2013
Love this!
Debra Taylor sizzlinsweet
Mar 9, 2013
Thanks Amy
Debra Taylor sizzlinsweet
Mar 9, 2013
Hi Deborah! you can use any orange flavored flavoring, or orange juice with 1 tablespoon of orange zest.
Amy Alusa amyalulsa
Nov 14, 2012
This is such a super help! Thanks Debra!
Deborah Faulkenberry LadyLuvs2Cook
Oct 15, 2012
I have a jam recipe that calls for 1/4 c. Grand Marnier but I don't have any. Can you suggest a substitution?