Jalapeno Raspberry Jelly

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Serves: 7 - 1/2 pt jars
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Cooking Method: Stove Top


12 jalapenos, fresh
2 c apple cider vinegar
6 c sugar
2 1/2 c raspberries (or any other berry or berry mix of your choice)
1 pkg liquid fruit pectin

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Teagen's notes for this recipe:
I have made jalapeno jelly for years, one year I added raspberries - and will never again make it any other way.

It's great on turkey or ham sandwiches. I also melt it slightly and spoon it over cream cheese to serve with crackers.
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Puree peppers with some of the apple cider vinegar. I keep the seeds in the peppers. You can seed for less heat. Add to a 4 c. measuring cup with remaining cider vinegar. Crush berries and add to 4 c. measuring cup to equal 4 cups. ** you can tweek this to taste. My children do not like it very warm, so I'll cut back on the peppers, and add more berries. Just have four cups of produce/vinegar to add to pot with sugar.
Add sugar to 8 quart pot. Add jalapenos, berries & vinegar to sugar. Cook to full, hard boil where you can't stir it down. Boil for ten minutes.
Add one packet of fruit pectin to hot jam. Stir and boil for one more minute. Remove from heat. Most jalapeno recipes suggest 2 packets. I have made it both ways, and have no problem making it with one packet. I can make more batches using just one.
Fill clean jars and seal with warm canning lids and rings as you normally would when making jam. I also turn the ring back just a bit and turn jars upside down for 30-40 minutes.

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user Kim Biegacki pistachyoo - Sep 20, 2011
Kim Biegacki [pistachyoo] has shared this recipe with discussion group:
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user Marie Holfeltz Cakeniteasy - Sep 29, 2011
I just made cranberry/blackberry/jalapeno jam! Really, really good!
user Teagen Lefere Teagen - Sep 30, 2011
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user Teagen Lefere Teagen - Sep 30, 2011
@Marie - Cranberry/blackberry sounds very good. I found a pumpkin/pineapple jalapeno recipe here on JAP - I would like to try that as well. Not 100% sure on the pumpkin, but I think the pineapple would be good as well. You make me want to try plain cranberry jam now. ;o)
user evelyn horsley evelynhorsley - Jun 8, 2012
I really want to try this, thanks for posting

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