Black bean and quinoa salad with a kick!

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1/2 c olive oil, extra virgin
4 limes, juiced
3-4 tsp cumin, ground
3-4 tsp herbamare or sea salt
6 c cooked black beans
2 c quinoa, cooked
3-4 ears of fresh uncooked corn cut off the cob
2-3 c fresh kale, chopped
1 red bellpepper, chopped
1 orange bell pepper, chopped
2-4 spicy peppers (i used jalapeno)
4 c tomatoes, chopped
2 c green onions, sliced
1 large handfull cilantro (about one cup)

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Amy's notes for this recipe:
This is a recipe that I modified from another one to fit my liking. It has become one of my families favorites. it is perfect for summer potlucks and I always get asked for the recipe when I take it anywhere. Besides being awesome for the way it tastes it is also awesome because of all the good stuff in it. Quinoa is the only complete vegetarian protein without having to combine things, but also in this recipe the black beans and corn make for another complete protein, not to mention all the great veggies. This makes a lot of salad but chances are you will need it. I thing this salad tastes best on the second day so I almost always make it the night before.
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mix all dressing ingredients in a bowl with a whisk, set aside.
cook beans and quinoa to directions on packages, let cool.
wash and chop all veggies and carefully mix in large bowl with cooked and cooled black beans and quinoa
Poor dressing over top and carefully mix again.
Enjoy right away or cover and refrigerate to let the flavors mingle overnight.

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user Diane Eldridge Dianeintn - Jul 7, 2011
how many servings does this make.....with several cups of all the stuff........ it seems like way to much for jus 2 but i'd like to try it...and the quinoa......what is this like a rice or pasta or what i never heard of it... ty
user Amy Croyle ILUVARTICHOKES - Jul 7, 2011
It is hard for me to judge the number of servings. In most peoples homes it might be like 10-15 servings in my house where we eat it sometime as the mane coarse more like 8-10. I always make a huge bowl if I have the stuff because it is good for 3-4 days but I am sure it would be easy to at least half it. Quinoa is actually a seed, so I have heard, but you cook it like rice and it kinda has the same texture as rice but is way better for you. My family eats a lot of it, we eat it in the place of rice a lot.
user Staci Ojeda txstayathomemom - Jul 7, 2011
Quinoa.. Pronounced Keen-wah is amazing! sometimes after I cook it like you do rice I will roast it in a skillet with a little oil, garlic and cajun seasoning! Yum! I have this info regarding Quinoa: Nutrients; calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B3... Benefits; Easy to digest, Gluten-free. Lysine content is a potent antiviral agent. Contains more calcium than milk. Perfect vegetable protein. Stimulates milk flow in a breastfeeding mom.
Can't wait to try this recipe, always looking for new ways to use Quinoa! THANKS
user Staci Ojeda txstayathomemom - Jul 7, 2011
also, Quinoa is actually a WHOLE GRAIN

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