All in one Watermelon

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By Kay Tilley Homesweethomecooking

15 Min

I was going to my Ladies Auxillary dinner. It was entitled, The Lazy Day Summer get Together. Without much notice, I was called and informed that I was to be in chrge of the main tables decor. After a few ideas and it came to me, I would have a theme. Summer, Watermelon~
I purchased a watermelon and not only did it make a fruit salad, but became the center piece for the table. Read on to find out what I did......

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1 medium
fresh watermelon
1 can(s)
chunk pieapple
green oney-do melons
1 box
fresh strawberries
ripe bananas
huled out chunks of watermelon
2 pkg
cherry flavored sugar free kool-aid

Directions Step-By-Step

You can be as creative as you choose, me? I like for my creations to be delisious as well as pretty and appealing.
Cut watermellon in 3/4 size. Hull out the watermelon meat and put into a large bpwl, set asside.
With a paring knife, cur in triangle design all around of te watermelon rind. Set in refrigerator covered in saran wrap.
Using the bowl with the watermelon meat, cut into bite size chunks. Remove all the seeds that you can see. White & dark.
Add the other fruits to the melon. Cutting all to bite size chunks. After all are chunk size, then add the pieapple that you have drained, but reserve the juice.
Toss together lightly to mix the fruit. I use a wooden spoon as this will not bruise the fruit.
Take out the Watermelon, Pour the fruit mixture into the empty watermelon base. it shoulfil it up.
Last step, Open Kool-aid pkgs. and sprinkle dry on to fruit. Recover with saran wrap and refrigerate until ready to take with you or to serve.
This wioll make a lovely center piece as well as a scumptious fruit salad. be more creative and add packages of watermelon paper plates, napkins and if you can fnd at a party shop, they have watermelon decor. I got the small decorative bowls that were green on the outside and pink on the inside with seed designs, I used these for tooth picks, S&P pkgs, sugar & substitue pkgs. One other thing I did was went to Walmart and bought a plastic tumbler that had watermelons design. I bought 3 and added a pink or green napkin inside with peaks of the napkin standing up. This is what I placed the plastic silverware in. Knifes, forks & spoons.
Just thought you might get the idea, unfortunatley, I did not take pictures, but the next time I will & post it with this recipe.~

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Patsy Weaver loveisalive65
Jul 1, 2012
This is wonderful!!!!!
Laura Darragh Laulee
Sep 30, 2012
Wow sounds great..It reminds me of a girlfriend that was getting married, and we made these watermelon baskets,we made them with a handle. They were very pretty and made beautiful center pieces on all the tables..Also a lot work..But we had a few people helping us.It was well worth it everyone was talking about them.Thank you for sharing..Have a great day...
Kay Tilley Homesweethomecooking
Oct 3, 2012
Thank you Patsy and Laura,
That was sweet of both of you ladies to make a comment on my watermelon salad. I like the ideas of making some with handles, Laura. That was really clever! What a cute idea.
I am just a down~home~cook, but love for my table to look pretty as well as appealing~
I hope to hear from you gals, again and by all means, share any new ideas you have and I will do the same. Smiles, Kay~