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Teresa's notes for this recipe:
Made a few of these to give as gifts to some of the lovely ladies in my life. Great for gardeners but also nice if you just want soft hands! I used the pomegranate scent and I guess male gardeners could use it too because it's not too feminine.
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Use whatever size wide-mouth jar with lid that you'd like. Pour sugar into jar just below where the lid area begins. Pour that amount of sugar into a metal bowl.
Squeeze in the Dawn Olay Hand Renewal, a little at a time. Stir well. You're looking for a consistency of very grainy but fluffy frosting. not too soupy but not too crumbly either.
Spoon into jar. Decorate jar as desired.
To use: scoop a quarter sized amount into hands and scrub front and backs of your hands. Rinse thoroughly under warm running water. Failure to rinse thoroughly will leave your hands sticky.

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user Teresa Jacobson foundmyzen - Jul 9, 2012
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user Cat Ireland GyrlSmylee - Jul 9, 2012
user Didi Dalaba didicoffeegirl - Jul 9, 2012
Nice!! Thank you Teresa!
user Ann McCue salsaqueen - Jul 9, 2012
Teresa!!!! thank you!!! thank you!!!! thank you!!!! my nails just won't come clean forever after I spend the day in my flower gardens!!! I waitress so I use an old toothbrush and scrub the heck out of them and still not as clean as I would like. I will definetly be giving this a try!!! :)
user Teresa Jacobson foundmyzen - Jul 9, 2012
Hope it works well for you Ann! I use it on my feet too! I go barefoot a LOT!! It feels so good! Like a spa pedicure!! Now if I could just get someone to rub my feet for me! ;P

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