Devils Claw salve

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By Stormy Stewart karlyn255

for sore joints and muscles
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Use salve as a relief for headaches and for use with general nerve type pain.

Devils Claw (Grapple Plant) also known as Leopards or Wolfs Bane.

Harpagophytum procumbens
(Harpagophytum means hook plant in Greek.Procumbens means prostrate in Latin)

Grows in the warm African savanna or grasslands.

Proboscidea Louisianica is the U.S. plant.

It’s the plant’s roots and potato-like tubers that are valued the most and harvested for medicinal purposes.

It soothes and heals bruises, sprains and relieves irritations from trauma, arthritis and muscle pain, all forms of Arthritis ( Rheumatoid or Osteo).

Devil’s Claw – the roots and tubers are used to make the oil.

The thick, secondary roots are sliced and dried. An ointment is made from the root material which is applied to sores, ulcers and boils.

In Europe, Canada, and the United States, devil’s claw is widely used for joint inflammation, pain, and treating degenerative disorders of the musculoskeletal system. It was the ingredient in nearly three-fourths of the prescriptions for rheumatism in 2001.

NOTE: Devil’s claw should be stored in a closed container, away from light


6 Tbsp
devils claw infused oil
1 Tbsp
bees wax
1 tsp
cocoa butter

Directions Step-By-Step

Mix all together and heat over low heat on a double boiler or on 1/2 power in microwave watching so that the beeswax melts, but no longer.

Take out mix very well and pour into a waiting jar with a tight fitting lid. Keep in a cool dark place like a medicine cabnet.
NOTE: I have friends save their old jars from beauty products for me to fill with salves. I love the "night of olay" jars they are milk glass with a dark top. (perfect for keeping light out and product from leaching harmful stuff out of plastic.)

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Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Dec 27, 2012
Simply rub into the place where you feel the headache, either the temples or the back of the neck where the head meets.
Diane Whitbeck IRPELLC
Dec 26, 2012
Greetings Stormy! I have a friend who has been having terrible headaches and I'd like to make some of this for her to try. How do you apply it to treat headaches? Thanks!

Bright Holiday Blessings!
Aug 25, 2012 - Stormy Stewart shared this recipe with discussion groups: Drug interactions and side effects Helpful Hints
Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Aug 27, 2011
Charlene, it was in the post two above yours but here it is again

If you are lucky enought to live out west it is a weed that hitch hikers get stuck to them. If not you can grow them by seed and themn make your own oil by sending to this site
Or buy the already made extract by going to this site
or put in devils claw extract and use the same as the oil.

Oil is made by either taking cut dried slices of the root or just cutting the root into slices and adding just enough oil to cover and put in a dark place and shake two times a day for two weeks then strain the oil out and use it in recipe.
charlene drake fogg1957
Aug 27, 2011
where do you get the devils claw at????